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Climate change is the worst danger looming over the existence of human beings in the 21st century. Madrid is hosting world leaders to discuss the issue and come to a definite conclusion to reduce the effects of climate change. The recent report from the United Nations reveals that the current emission rate is surprisingly high and still increasing rapidly. 

The data provided by the Emissions Gap Report on Tuesday reveals that China and the United States are the two largest emitters in the world. The annual report also states that both the countries increased their emission level from the last year, despite several strong warnings from the scientists. The author of the yearly report asks every country to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as fast as possible. 

Plans for Madrid

Though the international climate negotiations scheduled in Madrid next week, there are no plans for any pledge against the increased emission. The deadline for such a commitment is scheduled next year. 

During this year’s international climate negotiations, countries expected to talk about the implementations of the 2015 Paris climate treaty. The Paris climate treaty asks every country to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But, states have the freedom to choose their timetable and targets. 

Rachel Kyte, an expert in these matters, revealed that the Madrid international climate negotiations would provide an excellent opportunity for world leaders to revise their plan to counter climate change. The results from the Emissions Gap Report reveals that something is not right in the current approach, he added. 

According to the report published by the United Nations, the top 20 wealthiest countries contribute more than 75% of the total emission. As a result, these 20 countries required to take bold steps to counter such environmental changes. Sadly, the richest and the second biggest polluter, the United States, officially pulled out from the Paris Climate Treaty. 

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