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“The Bubble” seems to have been an accurate name for what plays like a long, sealed satire filled with ancient Hollywood references and plenty of the prominent stars. The film is also an old-fashioned family affair.

The co-writer/director Judd Apatow is joined by his wife and daughter, making the bubble worth entering. The cast has to reassemble the under-production guidelines imposed during the peak time of Covid, put together in a hotel where they are not suspended by any wires in front of a green screen when they have to spout stiff dialogue and fight the computer-generated monsters.

“The safest place in the world right now is a film set,” says one of the cast members, Carol (played by Karen Gillan), who is told by her agent when she balks while participating. The craziness has now gone to producing a film gets essentially put on hold, with the cast receiving warnings about how strange actors can be while everyone is in a confined space.

“I am the painter and you are my paint,” the stressed-out director (played by Fred Armisen) snaps at his cast. The recent devotion of time to docu-com legends like Garry Shandling and soon George Carlin, Apatow have certainly made their share of memorable comedies.

“The Bubble” has also stated its mission of offering people a light distraction in troubled times. It’s a nice thought, but as distractions go, this one’s too much like watching paint dry.

“The Bubble” hits the streaming platform Netflix on the 1st of April.

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