Mobile World Congress

The 2020 edition of the MWC was canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, the GMSA returned the whole amount of the attendees and the companies. Now again in this year, the GMSA has announced the date for the MWC Shanghai and not Barcelona. The date announced for the event is June 2021. But the event this time will be a physical one and not the other. Also this time the event will be an in-person event and now elt’s have a study on the event that is going to take place in June 2021.

As in a press release, the GMSA said that this time the MWC event will be a one-person event. For the starters, the event will take place from Feb 23 to Feb 25, and this time the theme for the event is the connected impact. Moreover, whomsoever will attend this event will experience the 5G, AI, IoT, smart home, and many such breakthrough technologies.

Following is the list of the companies that are already part of the event:-

China Mobile
China Telecom
China Unicom
Nokia Shanghai Bell

Following is the list of the keynote speakers that will be there at the event of the MWC:-

1. Ke Ruiwen, Chairman, China Telecom
2. Ken Hu, Rotating Chairman, Huawei
3. Yang Yuanqing, Chairman & CEO, Lenovo
4. Xu Ziyang, CEO, ZTE
5. Yang Jie, Chairman, China Mobile

Moreover, with the in-person event, the MWC event management also announces that the event will be on a virtual basis also in which they will cover content, networking, and exhibition of the event.

The passes of the event will be of the 4 types named Online Pass, Full Exhibition Pass, 5G Smartphone Conference Card, VIP Meeting Card

Following is the list of the price of the pass:-

Online Pass- 390 RMB($59.64)
Full Exhibition Pass- 690 RMB($105.5)
5G Smartphone Conference Pass- 6,200 RMB($948)
VIP Pass- 6,300 RMB($963.39)

The above price mentioned is the discounted price and the original price of each pass is 9,000 RMB($1376).

Now let’s know that what is exactly the MWC?

MWC is the annual trade show. The event showcases the new concepts of the new mobile phones and the new technologies in the IT sector and much more.

The last year canceled MWC witnessed that there were around 500 exhibitors and around 60,000 attendees around the globe.

Moreover, it is expected that this time the audience of the event will be low in range as due to the pandemic most of the attendees will be from the virtue mode and most of the people will not even book as they are scared of the pandemic.

However, if the user wishes to go to the MWC event organized by the GMSA then the user should visit the link in order to book the pass.

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