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We all have been a big fan of Taylor’s blunt replies for people who supposedly pick on her. Likely of her, The Taylor has responded to comments of Damon Albarn who accused the singer of not writing her own songs.

The Blur frontman made some comments on the Red singer’s writing, admitting his traditionalist views on songwriting and Swift being the odds with the co-writing approach. Later arguing the big difference between the singers who write their own songs like Billie Eilish versus who tends to take inputs from others.

While he was performing the sets from his new album’s promotion he said “You Learn whether the songs are any good or whether they were popular at the time because of the sound and the attitude,” Picking up this comment the interviewer asked whether many modern acts reply on ‘sound and the attitude’ rather than the timeless quality of their music.

Albarn replied, “Name me someone who’s not. That doesn’t count. I know what co-writing is. Co-writing is very different from writing, I’m not hating on anybody, I’m just saying there’s a big difference between a songwriter and a songwriter who co-writes. That doesn’t mean that the outcome can’t be really great.”

He further continued “And some of the greatest singers- I mean, Ella Fitzgerald never wrote a song in her life, When I sing, I have to close my eyes and just be there. I suppose I’m a traditionalist in that sense. A really interesting songwriter is Billie Eilish and her brother. I’m more attracted to that than to Taylor Swift. It’s just darker- less endlessly upbeat. Way more minor and odd. I think she’s exceptional.”

Swift has replied to this comment of Albarn, sharing her disappointment on Twitter: The Grammy-winning singer wrote “@DamonAlbarn I was such a big fan of yours until I saw this. I write ALL of my own songs. Your hot take is completely false and SO damaging. You don’t have to like my songs but it’s really fucked up to try and discredit my writing. WOW.”

She added sarcastically “P.S. I wrote this tweet all by myself in case you were wondering.”

A frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff defended Taylor replying to the comments made by the Gorillaz frontman.

Damon later responded to Swift’s tweet apologizing and saying that his words has been reduced to clickbait. He wrote “I totally agree with you. I had a conversation about songwriting and sadly it was reduced to clickbait. I apologize unreservedly and unconditionally. The last thing I would want to do is discredit your songwriting. I hope you understand- Damon.”

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