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T.I. Celebrates ‘Mafia Day’ By Posts

source: Pintrest

T.I. recently posted a pic on IG in which he is celebrating Mafia day and the fans can check the caption and the reaction of the other fans.

T.I. captioned his post: ‘Happy Mafia Day to da youngest in charge. @lilmeechbmf Hearing your Pops talk about how proud he is of you growing into your own makes me smile. It’s a hell of a task to grow up in the shadow of a giant… but you doing a phenomenal job of shining on your own nephew. Keep up the great work. Enjoy your day & Live it da fuq UP‼️ Love & Respect King 👑 Salute💯’

A follower commented as:’Love 4Life And Death Unk I Appreciate All The Game U Always Give Me And Teach Me #Mafia4Life,’ and a commenter said: ‘Let’s celebrate a drug dealer and killer of black people. It’s funny you want peace on the streets but promote the same people killing your own. Plus these clowns are the same who supply the gangs who keep killing each other over your drugs as well !! Lol.’

Someone commented as: ‘Blessed 🙏🏽 Earth 🌍 Strong 💪🏽 young King 👑 wishing you many more laps around the Sun 🌞’ and another follower posted this: ‘GM @troubleman31 and Today is A great day for Greatness 😍 and Hbd LilMeech.’

A fan replied: ‘Happy Earth Day Anniversary! We share The Same EarthDay Anniversary! Peace And Blessings My Taurus ♉️ Brother!👑’

And other than this T.I. is celebrating the best days of his life and his fans are also liking the same thing. Moreover, he is also happy in his family with the parents and the kids.

And that’s was all the updates about T.I.

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