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COVID-19 has been a huge threat to mankind since 2019. From becoming a global pandemic to threatening the lives of all, it has disturbed the routines.

And it has once again taken the shape of another equally harmful and dangerous variant, Omicron.
Omicron has pressured governments all across the globe to provide various guidelines to ensure the safety of their citizens.

And amid these guidelines came the cancellations of various global events that were forced to shut down and move their performances either online or simply postponing them for an unforeseeable future.

Among these events was the Sundance Film Festival. It is an event organized every year in the United States. It takes place every January in the beautiful city of Utah.

Unfortunately, due to the threat looming on our heads, the organizers were forced to cancel their plan of providing the public with an in-person experience and proceed with providing their services virtually.

The event was scheduled from January 20-30 in Park City, Utah but now will be appearing on our screen virtually.

Joana Vicente, CEO of Sundance Institute, disclosed this decision through a joint statement on the Festival’s website expressing their regrets for not providing the pre-planned hybrid format due to the sudden rise in the cases across the world.

The statement read, “We have been looking forward to our first fully hybrid Sundance Film Festival, and our teams have spent a year planning a festival like no other. But despite the most ambitious protocols, the Omicron variant with its unexpectedly high transmissibility rates is pushing the limits of health safety, travel, and other infrastructures across the country. And so, today we’re announcing: the Festival’s in-person Utah elements will be moving online this year,”

The statement further states the difficulty the organizers had to face to move the whole Festival online and how they had to follow this plan for the safety of the performers and their more than 1500 staff and volunteers.

It states, “The undue stress to Summit County’s health services and our more than 1,500 staff and volunteers would be irresponsible in this climate.”

Hence, the decision to move the Festival on virtual platforms was inevitable, and according to various news and reports, Sundance Film Festival is not the only one suffering from Omicron. The other notable events such as The Grammy Awards, the Palm Spring International Film Festival, The Film Academy’s annual Governors Awards, etc, are also taking hits from the rising cases.

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