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A terrorist attack was taken place on Friday in London Bridge. In that attack, a man and woman who got killed now got identify. As per London’s Metropolitan Police, the man was Jack Merritt, and the woman was Saskia Jones. 

Both of them are here to participate in the University of Cambridge’s Learning Together. The program was there for prisoner education, and the event was going to happen at Fishmonger’s Hall. Unfortunately, it is the place where ill-mind Usman Khan launched the fatal stabbing attack. 

Who are these victims?

Merritt and Jones, who are victims here of the attack, were the graduates of the University of Cambridge. The school said that the next victim of the attack was a staff of theirs. 

With that, Merritt was an excellent course coordinator as well as a coordinate for Learning Together. With that, Jones was a volunteer here who was working here. The program started back in the year 2014, and the main objective of the plan was to impart education to prisoners. However, they too give knowledge to other undergraduate students also. 

What does the family say?

After the incident, the family of Merritt said that he died by doing what he loves to do. He is a bright and talented boy in the family. 

The family said that he had lit many lives, including the presence of family members too. As he demise, all will be going to miss him badly. But with that, they also said Jack has lived as per the principles. However, he always believes that there is a space for rehabilitation and redemption. 

Saskia’s family said that she was funny and got a good positive influence on people. The only thing that she aims is to see the best in people. 

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