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On Thursday, around 800,000 protestors hit the road of France protesting the new plans of Emmanuel Macron. Hospitals staff, teachers, and railway workers held the strike, which is the biggest strike ever happened in the public sector. 

The strike affected entire France, and it may continue for some more days. The staff said that the new plans about the pension system would force workers to workers to work more. Besides, they will not get proper payment. 

Thursday’s strike affected the bus, metros and trains service in most of France. Besides, it also affected flight as well as the educational sector. 

What exactly happened on that day? 

French police found dealing with more than 800,000 people. In Paris, the number was 65,000. Unions leaders further increased the number by adding 1.5 million more people to the strike. In Paris, to control people, police used teargas. 

Some angry protestors even set fire to various retailer shops and broke down windows and cars.

Around 6,000 and more riot police routed the public demonstration to the east side of the city from Gare de Nord. On the other hand, some groups of officers also stopped some people walking toward the strike and searched their bags. By the end of the afternoon, police arrested around 70 people.

Effects of Strike On Other Services

Rail authority informed that around 90 per cent of local trains cancelled due to the disruption. Furthermore, the number of flights also cancelled, considering the possible interruptions. 

Police, delivery employees, lecturers, attorneys, airport personnel, are among those who participated in the strike. 

Besides, the Public transport group informed them they would extend the strike for a few more days, maybe until Monday. 

The new rules may affect the workers and family in the future. If the Macron management doesn’t take a suitable decision soon, then the strike would severely affect France and other services. 

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