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Netflix recently released season 2 of its true-crime docuseries, Catching Killers, on February 9, 2022. The show seems quite promising as it offers something new in the world of crime drama shows with its unique concept of documenting the crimes from interviews with the investigators who had worked the cases rather than narrating from the victims’ perspective and their families.

The show gives a glimpse into the world of crime for crime lovers by documenting the detectives’ experiences as they revisit and narrate their stories of being involved in homicide cases. It also shows the forensic department and how these advanced tools have helped and are still helping the crime fighters in catching the convicts. The first season was four episodes long and explored three true crime stories that haunted their victims.

Being shown from the point-of-view of the investigators involved in solving the cases, the series follows crime fighters and prosecutors as they catch some of the world’s most violent, cold-blooded killers. The second season has four episodes and is an extension of season 1 as it deals with another set of criminal stories. The season covers Wichita, Phoenix, and Toronto.

The show provides criminal investigation experience with no available skin and sex. The plotline will remind you of Unsolved Mysteries. The show runs for around 40 minutes and focuses on only some of the examinations. Because of the time limit, some viewers have felt the lack of proper background information.

Irrespective of the lack of proper screen space, the show offers some beautiful, directed, heart-wrenching moments where we witnessed the workers break down at times due to the loss of human life. It makes us empathize with the characters as it delivers a state of helplessness that urges us to watch it till the end to experience the sense of justice for the countless victims who lost their lives.

The show also makes us feel proud to be part of a society whenever we see these investigators giving their 200% to solve these cases and bring justice for the people who have suffered. The toll this job takes on the lives of the crime fighters is beautifully depicted, and we can easily connect ourselves with the characters.

Hence, our advice is to STREAM IT! Compared to shows like Dateline and 48 Hours, the show is a light watch, and we get enough information to hook us but not enough to make us uneasy. It is quite an engaging watch and definitely binge-watch-worthy.

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