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Splitsvilla X3/ 13 Kat Kristian Breaks Her Silence on Breakup with Kevin Find Out The Reason

Splitsvilla X3 Kat Kevin

MTV Splitsvilla is one of the most anticipated shows in the television industry. The audience and the fans are loving this all-new season of the dating show Splitsvilla X3 as it’s full of twists and turns. This is one of the most entertaining shows on MTV.

Splitsvilla X3

In the last episode of Splitsvilla X3, we have seen how Jay acts so smartly and ultimately saved both of his friends, Shivam and Palak. Well! Garry and Avantika are out of the show now. As they have gone against the plan that was to be executed so none other than their best friends Kat and Kevin dumped the couple.

A few weeks ago, according to the news reports it has been confirmed that Kat and Kevin are actually not dating, they are just good friends. And, the shocking part is Kat is being accused to cheat on her boyfriend Kevin and that’s the reason that they broke up.

Splitsvilla X3 Kat Kevin

This was going too much and finally, Kat breaks up her silence. She finally tells everybody the real reason for their breakup. Kat says that she never cheated on Kevin. Rather, it was him who was actually over possessive for her.

In the starting days of the show, Kevin asked Kat to be in a relationship but she was not ready at all. To avoid this relationship thing, Kat said Kevin that she is already with somebody else and thus, she cannot be with him. Also, she stated that it takes time to fall in love and get feelings for the one to be in the relationship stuff.

Further, she tells, that when they went to Goa Kevin started checking her phone and messages. Kat realized then and there only that this over possessiveness is not at all good for a relationship and especially if you’re thinking it for the long term.

Not only this, Kevin used to message his ex-girlfriend. Also, he used to ask about her sex life. This is not good at all. This is the time when he was with Kat only.

Also, for some time, Kevin went back to the USA and it was as if he just forgot about Kat. He didn’t message her. It was only Kat who keeps on calling him.

Kat questioned the audience and her fans, why a woman is always to be questioned and why only she is answerable to all? When Kevin was in the USA and chilling with his girl friends, nobody questioned him. And, when the same situation comes to a women then everybody starts criticism, starts asking questions, starts accusing of cheating. This is not fair at all!



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