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Long before “Sam Raimi” had ever crafted one of the first spidey superhero trilogies ever brought to the film world, Sony had been busy interviewing a wide variety of filmmakers. Years before it, even before “Sony” had ever landed the rights to the Spider-Man movie franchise, “James Cameron” had written a treatment for the web-slinger audience. Once Sony had already landed on the property when they eventually spoke with the likes and agreements of “David Fincher,” “Chris Columbus,” and, unbelievingly, Tim Burton.

As the Spider-Man scribe “David Koepp” has suggested, Burton’s involvement in the whole process had been largely underwhelming. “I remembered Amy [played by Pascal] telling me that they’d met them with “Tim Burton,” who in the meeting had said, “I guess, I’m just a DC guy,” which had seemed to like someone who is not at all trying hard to get the job,” the writer had said in a recent retrospective coming from “The Hollywood Reporter.”

The piece had even involved the former Marvel Studios boss “Avi Arad,” saying most of the directors they had spoken to were ecstatic about the prospects of the Spider-Man film. “Most of them were immensely anticipated, but they seemed to have taken it from the point of view that they knew what to do. ‘Just give me all the money with me, leave me alone, and I’ll definitely make a great movie,'” said the producer.

It has been 20 years since Spider-Man first hit theatres; Raimi is recently said to have returned to the superheroes’ land with Marvel Studios’ new production Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Spider-Man’s latest movie, “No Way Home,” is now available.

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