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Starlink is one of the highly ambitious projects of Elon Musk’s SpaceX. But, since the announcement of the project, it finds itself under multiple controversies. Recently, some astronomers raised their concerns over the project, and SpaceX revealed that it is going to fix them as early as possible. The company is planning to launch at least one thousand satellites in the next year. 

More about the Starlink by SpaceX

Starlink is a mega project by the SpaceX, where it is going to launch a whopping 42,000 satellite to the upper atmosphere. To give you a perspective, currently, there are only 2,000 active satellites around the earth. The firm aims to provide high-speed internet across the world. The firm successfully launched 60 satellites in the first bunch during May. 

The company is planning to launch two bunches of satellites, one in December and the other one is in January. The company will send 24 bunch of satellite in 2020. In the next 24 scheduled launches, SpaceX will send around 1,500 satellites into space.

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Space debris is already becoming a serious problem, while the mass launch of satellites raises concerns over space pollution. Some of the scientists claimed that these satellites are blocking their night sky observation. As the satellites from the SpaceX are brighter than most of the heavenly bodies, it comes to the vision instantly, even with dust and fog.

By responding to the issue, Gwynne Shotwell, the president of the private space entity, on Friday revealed that SpaceX would do the right things only, and it will do something to avoid such problems. Gwynne also revealed that the firm is planning to add an extra coating on the surface of the satellites; as a result, the surface will reflect less and possibly, will not interfere in the space observation. He further claimed that the trick works to avoid such problems.

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