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Presently, the game console controller is among the highest-demanded devices on Earth. Recently it’s been rumored that the Japanese company is working on a new game controller, and it’s not even the next-gen Sony PlayStation 6 but rather the enhanced version of the existing model. It’s to be named the Sony PlayStation 5 Pro.

According to Henderson, the forthcoming Sony PlayStation 5 Pro will come up with detachable analog sticks, trigger stops, and face-button paddles. And what’s more intriguing is that it’s almost ready to strike the market, and therefore we will be able to take our turn on it soon.

However, Sony will not make any modifications to the design if compared with the appearance of the Dualsense. But as announced, there will be some additions too. In other words, with the PlayStation 5 Pro, Sony will begin to catch up on details that have become accessories’ mainstay.

At this moment, we can say that Xbox game controllers have practically been more popular than Sony’s Dualshock controllers. However, we can’t argue on the same after the release of the Dualsense. Moreover, Xbox has always dominated Sony’s controllers by launching models like the Xbox Elite. The latter comes with beneficial features such as detachable analog sticks and paddles. So it enables users to further customize the controller experience.

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