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When human beings claim that they know everything about the universe, the universe decides to give us a surprise. In a recent discovery, scientists can understand about a wall of fire in the outer part of the solar system. The firewall is constituted with a super hot plasma particle. The plasma layer from the sun marks the end of the solar system and the start of the interstellar space. 

The discovery was made since the Voyager 2 spacecraft starts its interstellar journey at the back end of 2018. Once it leaves the solar system, the spacecraft recorded a high temperature. Usually, scientists were thinking of the place to be extremely costly due to its distance from the sun. But to everyone’s surprise, the Voyager 2 recorded extreme temperature, as high as 89,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Luckily the probe is perfectly fine and working correctly. But, the discovery of the existence of such a firewall increases the trouble for NASA. As currently, the American space agency is preparing for an upcoming interstellar mission. 

About the Origin of the Wall

According to a research paper published in Nature Astronomy, the plasma layer is the result of the solar wind, which blows outward from the sun. As a result, it forms a giant bubble-like structure outside of the solar system. The width of the layer is not known yet; as a result, currently, the scientists measure the width of the plasma layer. 

The Jet Propulsion Laboratory from NASA released a statement on the space probe Voyager 2. The report suggests that the examination might not enter the interstellar space, but stuck somewhere in the transition space in extreme temperature. 

Voyager 2 was launched on the way back in 1977. Currently, it is the only human-made object to reach the endpoint of the solar system. Though the probe is ancient, it still sends signals and data to the ground station. 


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