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Love is in the air! Exceptionally in Barbados.

Getting engaged on a beautiful beach encircled by friends and family is a dream of every girl and this dream came true for Lauren Silverman on Christmas Eve.

The global entrepreneur, Simon Cowell has been known in the industry for his sharp criticism in various reality shows like Pop Idol and its American spin-off, American Idol.

America’s Got Talent judge finally popped the champagne by asking his longtime sweetheart Lauren Silverman, the question every woman desires to be asked.

This adorable twosome has been rumored to be together since 2004 yet they officially came together in 2013.

They had a shaky start as Lauren was initially married to Andrew Silverman, a friend of Simon but she finalized her divorce in 2013 after which the couple proclaimed their relationship.

These two lovebirds welcomed their adorable son Eric in 2013 as well. Simon spoke on many occasions about their relationship. He adores his son and the bond between them is to die for. In a previous interview, he communicated this bond as, “But we have a very, very close relationship. We’re like buddies.”

In October 2014, the actor disclosed that while being a dad has been a wonderful experience, he wasn’t ready to tie the knot. He even joked about this during an interview with HELLO! magazine by saying, “I’m the only iconic bachelor left in the entire world,” explaining further with, “I’ve said no to marriage, but then again I couldn’t imagine having a kid at one point and now look at me.”

Even before thinking about getting married, Cowell has always appreciated Lauren and has made beautiful statements regarding the beautiful diva. During his Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony, he stated beautifully how much he adores his partner, using these words for her, “rock for the past few years,”

Despite the entrepreneur’s earlier statements for never thinking about marriage, his fans are delighted to see that love has eventually altered his views.

On Christmas Eve,2021 Simon finally got enough courage to ask the question and he did it in one of the most Charming manners possible.

During their family vacation to Barbados, the former “American Idol” judge got down on his knees in the presence of their 7-year-old son Eric and Lauren’s son from her previous marriage, Adam, and asked the magical question.

According to the insider from the beach, “It was super sweet.”

During a recent interview with The Daily Mail, Cowell talked about their life in a pandemic and how unique he thinks their relationship is. He said, “COVID-19 was the real test. Like everyone, we were in lockdown for a long time and that’s when you realize whether or not you actually enjoy each other’s company or not, And we really really did. The romance is still alive. We’re closer than ever.”

Their fans are overjoyed to hear about this magnificent couple finally bringing their love of over a decade to another step. May their romance continue to flourish and we get to hear the wedding bells sooner than ever.

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