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The oppressed have a tongue of violence. Because, as Frantz Fanon put it, “Violence, like Achilles’ spear, can heal the wounds it inflicts.” With Mandla Walter Dube in charge, ‘Silverton Siege’ is an exciting bilingual history film in Afrikaans and English that puts the audience in a very different political context in South Africa. On January 25, 1980, separatists Khumalo, Masego, and Terra headed for the Seahorse Oil Depot in Silverton.

But because of the snitch in the team, their work is in jeopardy. Next, they took a few captives to a large bank in the city. The story gradually reveals the racial tensions that put people’s lives first in the country. The conclusion says it is open, as it leaves a few things in mind. Let’s put the last times under the zoom glass if you want answers.

Calvin Khumalo introduced the audience to himself and his party, Umkhonto we Sizwe (or MK), in the early stages. In the late 1970s, the MK was powerless as most leaders rotted in political prisons. Amid a growing racial climate, they target areas like the Rooiwal Power Plant, causing infrastructure damage but not killing people. They slowly made their way into the city of Pretoria, heading for Seahorse Oil Depot on the morning of January 25, 1980. However, as Khumalo arrives at the oil depot with his colleague Terra and his girlfriend, Masego, he realizes their anonymity has been disrupted.

The chase led the terrorists to the taxi rank, and Masego died in the hunt. With their backs to the wall, Khumalo and Terra teamed up with Aldo, broke into a Volkskas Bank branch in the city, and kidnapped several people. While Captain Langerman and Inspector Schoeman began negotiations, the arrival of the snow-white Brigadier sparked new news. Police have prioritized rescuing Christine, a bank employee whose father is the Minister of Justice. On the other hand, the soldiers wanted the chopper to take them to a safe place. However, if Khumalo realizes that the helicopter is a trap, he considers taking this time to advance the cause of Nelson Mandela’s release.

Silverton Siege Ending: Who is the Informant? Are Khumalo and Terra Dead or Alive?

After the failure of their first job, Khumalo realizes that there may be a spy on the team. Besides, police could not have known that MK was planning an attack on the Shoehorse Oil Depot. Unable to lose sight of the police who slipped their tails into the bank, they aside the thought. However, Khumalo made it clear that their plan was not to steal money from the bank because they were people who fought for education and not thieves. Shortly after that, as Captain Langerman agreed to their request, they acquired a helicopter (anachronistic). But Khumalo is quick to find out that the pilot has a gun. Feeling drunk, Khumalo and the party returned to the bank with the driver.

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