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In recent weeks, the NBC family has been afflicted by a wave of stars testing positive for COVID, and now another has been added to the list.

Seth Meyers reported that he acquired the virus but is only experiencing moderate symptoms due to his immunization and booster doses.

“The bad news is, I tested positive for COVID (thanks, 2022!) the good news is, I feel fine (thanks to vaccines and booster!),” he wrote. “We are canceling the rest of the shows this week, so tune in next Monday to see what cool location we will try and pass off as a studio!!!”

Meanwhile, Meyers isn’t the only NBC personality who tested positive this week.

On Monday, broadcaster Jimmy Fallon, 47, announced his positive test result, noting that, like Meyers, he only had moderate symptoms since he was properly vaccinated.

“Hey guys, I tested positive for Covid on the first day of our vacation break. I was vaccinated and boostered. Therefore I was fortunate to just experience moderate symptoms,” he wrote on his Instagram.

Last month, for the first time in the show’s history, producers canceled a live recording and sent the majority of the cast home only hours before broadcast time.

Instead, SNL broadcast with a small cast and crew, no live audience, and pre-rehearsed segments. According to NBC, the broadcast was created remotely to aid in the containment of the virus’s spread.

Shortly after the news from SNL, previously scheduled musical guest Charli XCX announced her withdrawal, claiming a lack of personnel.

As for Meyers, the comedian has never shied away from pushing more Americans to get the vaccination while also utilizing his platform to reduce vaccine misconceptions in general.

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