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In the reports that are being leaked shows all about the inner workings of the network of these kinds of centers. In this report, about one million Muslim ethnic Uighurs are said to be detained and have been revealed in the cache of all secret documents. 

All the documents that are tagged as the classified were said to be obtained and got verified by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, and it was shared with nearly other international media too. In these part, it includes the Associated Press, and it also gives the most significant insight about the mass detention camps that are being worked. 

The papers too show all the strategy that is being followed by the Chinese government so that they can lock up the minorities there. Most of the details are Muslims, and they ask them to rewire their thoughts and the language that they speak. 

As per human rights lawyer, Arsalan Iftikhar said that all these happenings are like the Orwellian system of ethnic cleansing. And in this, China is acting like a big brother to it. 

How they use the technology for this?

In the statement from the United Nations, it said that nearly one million ethnic Uighurs, along with other Muslims, have got detained there in the camps. It noted that China keeps on saying to all that it is providing vocational training centers so that it can stamp out all hardline groups and give the people new skills. 

With the documents now became public, it shows how all these data and artificial intelligence are now being used for all kinds of social control. 

As they are now using the massive surveillance technology, so all the computers are now issues nearly tens of thousands of people for interrogation in one week.  


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