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So, first, let the users must know that what actually is the screen curtain all about in an iPhone and Apple Watch

Screen Curtain is the feature in the ios which is specially designed for people with visual impairments and moreover, a feature in it of the VoiceOver is the best feature and moreover with the gesture-based audible screen the user get the audio of the things that are shown on the screen of the device. From a small notification t a big notification or to the call the voice-over feature helps the user to know each and every aspect of the device that the device is performing.

And now in order of offering additional privacy to the screen when there is an activation in the screen reader at that time iOS offers a feature which is also called screen-curtain and now if the user is looking for the answer of detailed summary for the usage of the screen curtain then the user has come to the right place.

Now let’s know that what exactly is screen curtain?

According to the name of the feature, the screen curtain is the feature that actually means that the screen curtain provides security for the screen of the devices from the prying eyes. The feature automatically turns off the screen when the screen is not in use or anyone else puts eyes on the screen and the other person is not able to see the screen that what is actually happening.

And moreover, by just closing the screen the user can also use the screen over the voiceover feature that allows the user to use the phone through the voice without just actually using the screen. At times when the user is in public places then the privacy feature on the screen might help the user to have some privacy by just closing the screen.

Now let’s know that how to Enable The Same Option on Apple Watch

1. First the user has to open the settings app in the apple watch.

2. Then the user has to choose the option of Accessibility.

3. Then the user has to choose the option of the voiceOver.

4. The user has to turn on the option of the screen curtain.

5. And that’s it.

Now let’s know that How To Enable The Same Using Watch App on iPhone

1. First the user has to open the app of apple watch on the iPhone.

2. After that the user makes sure that the My watch Tab feature is enabled and then the user has to click on the option of Accessibility.

3. After that the user has to click on the option of the VoiceOver.

4. And after that the user has to turn on the toggle which is right next to the screen curtain option.

And that’s it now the screen curtain option is on. And now I hope that the user has got the answers to the questions and the methods of using the Screen Curtain on the iPhone or on the Apple Watch.




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