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According to the Scientists, the deep ocean warming will increase by 0.2°C as they trace excess heat from the subtropical North Atlantic, which is at the depths of 700m. The oceans currently absorb nearly 90% of the heat caused by humans.

The Research states that around 62% of overall global warming from 1850-to 2018 is held in our deep oceans.

This resulted in a 0.2°C increase in temperature over 50 years. A team from the University of Exeter that undertook this Research is suggesting that the deep ocean will heat a further 0.2°C in the next 50 years.

The dangers of ocean warming are large in numbers, with major detrimental consequences, such as rising sea levels, changing ecosystems, currents, chemistry, and deoxygenation.

Published in Communications Earth & Environment, Dr. Marie-José Messias said: “As our planet warms, it’s vital to understand how the excess heat is taken up by the ocean is redistributed in the ocean interior all the way from the surface to the bottom, and it is important to take into account the deep ocean to assess the growth of Earth’s ‘energy imbalance.” She is from the University of Exeter

“As well as finding that the deep ocean is holding much of this excess heat, our research shows how ocean currents redistribute heat to different regions …..a key driver of warming in the North Atlantic.” she added.

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