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In the Cairo region of New York, scientists previously found the oldest ever fossilized trees. Researchers discovered the spot way back in 2009. Some of the experts believe that the discovery was not intentional, but they found it by chance. The region hosts some of the massive root webs, having a width of around 36 feet. Scientists are considering the area to host the first bunch of woody trees. 

The expert believes that most of the plants used to present in this area were belong to the Archaeopteris group. If you are not aware of the Archaeopteris, researchers claimed that the species was the ancestor of the modern trees. Scientists also claim that these trees were first to absorb and store CO2 from the environment by using their leaves. After the evolution of the species, the amount of CO2 decreased significantly, scientists revealed. 

Detailed Study of Ancient Trees Species

A team of researchers has already marked a whopping 32,000 square feet of fossilized forest till now. These fossilized forests include three types of trees, such as Archaeopteris and cladoxylopsids. Researchers could not confirm the identification of the third tree species. One of the scientists related to the matter explained that these trees were around 32 feet tall, and they have very tiny branches. On the other hand, most of these trees were having a shallow root structure, he further revealed. 

In the modern world, Archaeopteris resembles a pine tree, but there are some differences as well. Scientists also found the fossils of fish from that spot; as a result, now it is clear that the flood was the major cause for wiping out the ancient forest. 

All of the discovered species from the ancient era reproduced by spores, as they could not produce seeds, scientists confirmed. Howard Falcon, a renowned earth scientist, revealed that the fossilized tree was the oldest that the earth ever saw. 

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