Blue Whale
Image Credit: NOAA Fisheries

Blue Whales have a special significance on the planet. Scientists confirmed that the blue whale is the largest creature in the entire history of the planet. They are massive in length, around 100 feet, and their weight is more than 100 tons.

Nicholas Pyenson, an expert in this matter, revealed that the blue whale is not only the biggest creature that exists today. It is also one of the largest creatures ever born on this planet. But, people often question why the species did not grow further. 

Human beings did not have any clue about the reason behind limiting the size of animals. Animals, such as blue whale, are difficult to track, as they spend most of their time under the deepwater surface. Most of the accepted theories are speculative, far from reality. But recently, a group of scientists led by Jeremy Goldbogen, a biologist at Stanford University, find something interesting. 

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Study of Blue Whale

The international research group collected several important data by feeding hundreds of blue whales. They gave food to the whale; as a result, they got to know about how much energy these species invest in catching their prey. The study suggests that the body size of a whale is completely dependent on the availability of prey around the whale. As a result, the size of the species can increase by filter-feeding them. 

More than 24 scientists experimented with blue whales, dolphins, and porpoises, having different sizes. They attached different sensors, such as pressure sensors, accelerometers, hydrophones, into the bodies of the animal by using suction cups. Once scientists attach the sensors in their bodies, they able to track the detailed movement and images when they go underwater. Additionally, they took the help of sonar to locate their prey in the regions. 

The team conducted around 10,000 feeding events to carry out the study. 

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