Sasural Simaar Ka 2 Latest Updates

In the latest episode of Sasural Simar Ka 2, you’ll see the police have arrested Avinash and taking him to the police station hand-cuffed. This is so shameful as it’s done in front of the entire society. The ladies of the societies are commenting and gossiping about this. Indu and Simar are quite worried about Avinash. Indu tries to talk to the police. She is repetitively telling them that Avinash has not done anything. He is completely innocent.

On the other hand, Simar is also doing the same. But the police is not ready to listen to them at all. They accuse Avinash has done fraud and cheated his daughter’s in-laws. He befooled them and make married his daughters in their family.

Hearing this nonsense, Gagan gets angry and he literally pulls the police inspector holding his collar. He loudly asks them to stop this shit and stop making false allegations on Avinash. Gagan and they all know, the police is doing such things as they’re bribed by the rich people against them. To this, the police slap Gagan. Indu is now requesting the police to leave Gagan.

Sasural Simaar Ka 2 Written Episode

Simar is begging in front of Geetanjali Devi to take this accusation back and release her father. But she is not ready to listen to her. Reema, Aditi, and Aarav are trying to convince Geetanjali for the same. In return, she says, it’s all about giving and getting it back. So what your father has done is now getting it back.

Now, Avinash is taken to the police station. He has lost all his respect in society. Geetanjali Devi’s lawyer comes and tells her that it’s done what she wants. She is happy seeing all this. Narayan family completely lost their respect in society now. She takes this allegation back and Gagan takes his father back home.

Simar seeing all this gets into stress and faints down on the floor. The family members call the doctor. Reema, Aditi, Sandhya, and Aarav come to see Simar if she’s doing fine or not! Simar is very much stressed about her father.

On the last screen of Sasural Simar Ka 2, you’ll see Vivaan is trying to console Reema but she is also in trauma and angry. She is throwing things in the room. Vivaan keeps on trying to calm her anger. He hugs her. The moment Simar regains her consciousness, she can’t wait to see Avinash.

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