Samsung Galaxy S20FE VS OnePlus 9: Which Is Better

The OnePlus phones are among those phones which are not usually recommended to the users to buy when the other option is the Samsung Galaxy model. As of now the news OnePlus 9 model doesn’t have a long list of features if compared to Samsung Galaxy S20FE and doesn’t contain the top of the features that are nowadays in every phone. The features include a frame with polycarbonate, the primary camera doesn’t have OIS, there’s no telephoto sensor or IP68 certification, and it doesn’t offer the same 50W wireless charging.

But on the other hand, the OnePlus 9 mobile phone is proved to be the best value money phone in the market and the top model that is the OnePlus 9 Pro is not the phone that is for money value. And on the other hand, the mobile phone can hold the competition against the Samsung Mobile phone which the Samsung Galaxy S20FE.

First Comes the Talk About The Hardware And Performance

The Oneplus 9 model comes with a new processor that is the Snapdragon 888, and the chip is the most powerful chip that a user can get on the Android Phone. The chip comes in 2 variants that are the 8GB with 128 GB and 12GB with 256GB. And on the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy S20FE comes with the processor chip of Snapdragon 865 which is a slow chipset in comparison to the Snapdragon 888. So, a user can prefer to buy the OnePlus 9 on the basis of Hardware instead of the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.

Now comes the design part for both the mobile phones

Now at this point, Samsung Galaxy S20 FE takes the lead as it provides the top quality design at this point of time among all the types of Android phones offered at this time. So, the news Samsung Galaxy S20 FE provides an aluminum frame and with a plastic back. And on the other hand, the OnePlus 9 model provides the phone with a polycarbonate frame and a glass back. Although it looks premium to hold a phone with a glass back the Samsung model also provides the matte plastic finish at the back that allows a user with the resistance on the fingers. Moreover, the Samsung model also has the IP68 certification, so we can prefer the phone on that.

Now when we talk about the display of the mobile phones then both of them are the same at that point as both of them come with 6.5-inch OLED panels with a 120Hz refresh rate.

And now on the battery part both the mobile phones come with the 4,500mAh batteries that will allow a user of the phone the whole day, but when the point of charging comes, so at that point, the OnepLus model provides the user with the 65W fast charging that will help the user to charge faster than the Samsung model that only provides a 25W charger which is not a fast charger.

Now the Cameras

Now on the part of the OnePlus, so the phone was rumored a lot about the Hasselblad before the launch and after launch, the Hasselblad didn’t prove to be the cameras that were expected. No matter that the results are better than before but the setup of the camera cannot give a good competition to the iPhone 12 or to the Samsung S21. On the other hand, the S2FE has a decent camera setup and provides a telephoto lens that allows for better portraits and 3x optical zoom. Moreover, it provides the OIS within the primary camera.

Now the Software

The OnePlus 9 model contains the OxygenOS 11 based on Android 11, but the performance and the UI of the mobile phone have been worsened over the years that were expected to be good over years. And the updates to the mobile phone also take time. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S20FE also comes with the same set of software but the updates and the working of the mobile phone are pretty much better than that of the OnePlus.

Now the price

The OnePlus 9 model is priced at a range of $729 and the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is priced at a range of  $599.

Now at the end, it is just that both the mobile phones are best at their parts but Samsung GalaxyS20FE provides more range of features at a lower price and OnePlus 9 doesn’t provide those features but provides some of the unique features that even the Samsung Galaxy S21 also doesn’t provide.

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