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Ryan Reynolds also now joins the list of the people who have been involved in the fact of raving about John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place Part II. However, the actor is best known for his two popular movies which were Deadpool and Detective Pikachu. But failed to create one of the movies with a horror plot. Ryan Reynolds is a slow one of the best friends of John Krasinski. Also, at one earlier it was rumored that both the stars of the A-line were thinking of launching a new movie with a comedy plot.

A Quiet Place Part II is a movie that follows the story of an Abbott family. The family in the movie, however, tries to survive and outsmart the blind and sound-sensitive aliens that have overtaken the planet. The actress in the movie lost her father in the first part. Along with the father, she also lost his home. Now in the second part, it will be shown that how the remaining members of the family search for a safer place and also looks for other humans in that part f world. The film is written and directed by Krasinski, the film stars his wife Emily Blunt. Earlier the film was there to hit the theatres last year only. But due to the pandemic release shifted to next year. Now it is confirmed to release on May 28.

Reynolds is one of the persons who had already watched the movie on the first day of the release. After watching the movie the actor took Twitter to praise Krasinski’s work. On Twitter, he gave his honest review and wrote that the sequel for the movie is so good that he loved the movie. His review was totally revolving around the title of the movie. With this, he posted the tweet with the Deadpool phot by praising the actress.

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