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Recently, the “Rockabye” singer disclosed that she is looking for some new experiences to inspire new lyrics.

This time She would like to prefer some bad boy romance to write songs about.

The 30-year-old English singer, Anne-Marie who is known for her hits including Rockabye, Ciao Adios, Friends, and many more, is looking for some new romance experience (whether they are heartbreaking or not) to write her new songs after a break from the music.

She spoke to the Daily Star newspaper’s wired column. The singer said “I actually took a break for the first time ever. I basically just realised that I hadn’t stopped writing since maybe seven years ago. But after the second album came out I needed to figure out what the next idea is, to live and experience some a**holes!”

Anne-Marie further added “I set myself a task to do something on my own because I’ve never done anything on my own – travel. I haven’t been to the shops on my own, I haven’t done anything because I’m so scared!”

The singer made a promise to become more independent this year because her anxiety prevented her from doing a lot of things that other people take for granted. The singer made sure to do it on her own and confessed that she feels empowered after concentrating on her newfound freedom.

She also admitted that her fear of getting things wrong also held her back.
She said “It was the fear of getting things wrong, so I decided to go to the theatre on my own and watch a show in the West End.
“I went online and booked the tickets by myself, which seems so stupid but I’d never done this.” she continued.

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