Rob Kardashian Returns to KUWTK

Rob Kardashian Returns to KUWTK to Celebrate Kim Kardashian’s Best On-Camera Moments. Holding Up With Tonight’s Kardashian: Kim’s 40th Birthday In particular, the Kardashian-Jenners collectively pay tribute to Kim’s finest KUWTK moments in honor of her milestone birthday.

Kriss Jenner cut the stage saying, “Right now we are filming Kim Kardashian’s Best On-Camera Moments as an alternative to her happy 40th birthday.”

What made it so special? The usually-private Rob Kardashian Returns to KUWTK and joined Kris Jenner, Kourtney, Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Scott Disick.

In typical Kardashian vogue, celebrating Kim’s 10+ years on camera, there was a load of ribbing.

Case in point: Khloe immediately reminded Kim of her temporary stint home as a pop star. On one level, the Revenge Physique host teased, “Let’s pump my jam!”

SKIMS Mogul quipped, “Can’t we?”

While watching himself report “Jam (flip it up)”, she laughed and called it “so serious”.

‘Oh my god I’m unable,’ Kim said through laughter. ‘I can’t even hear my voice.’

Under Kim’s patronage, Scott proclaimed the mother of 4 as “a TV star, pop star, designer, mogul”.

Kim’s a weak spot? Dance.

As a montage of Kim’s multiple dance appearances, combined with her Pussycat Dolls proficiency, she proclaimed, “The issues I’ve met are pretty embarrassing.”

In addition to all the jokes, the family posited to reward Kim for the style symbol she is growing up with. For Kourtney, she cherished her “iconic” twin moments with Kim.

Supporting this sentiment, Kim replied, “We have really good twin moments.”

As Kim’s finest vogue moments performed, Kris said in a statement, “I think it’s really candy and to enjoy all of Kim’s best moments in the present.”

In fact, many of those moments symbolize Kim’s love story with husband Kinney West.

‘Kim, you’ve had a reasonably appealing life all the time, although I’m really lucky to see you blossom and really grow from the other that Kanye entered your life here,’ said Mommer. “And I’m just so grateful for the grand house that you guys have collectively.’

‘And all of Yeezy gets on us without cost,’ chimed Scott.

After this entire look, Rob requests Kim that if he remembers him he is known as “Kimay” for the primary time. Noting that they had nothing to do with the couple’s identity, Kim said, “We are positively Kimye.”

Surprisingly, as revealed by the footage of Kim and Kanye’s love story, Krrish finds himself tearing up.

Kim teased, “Oh, Mom. Don’t cry.”

Shoutout to Kourtney, who arrived here to rescue Chris by saying he actually tore up effectively. (Not a liar, we have literally chuckled.)

Strolling down this remembrance route, Kim said, ‘It’s so enjoyable to just look back and see all the happy opportunities that we had collectively. It’s an opportunity to see that, so specifically.’

“So, she is 40?” Kim pleaded with her family.

In unison he replies, “It’s 40!”

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