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The upcoming Doctor Who outstanding show the long-anticipated return of the Sea Devils, a fantastic race of monsters from the show’s classic period who first seemed in the 1972 serial of the similar name as an enemy of Jon Pertwee’s Third Doctor.

Since 1984’s “Warriors of the Deep, ” they have not appeared in the event,” which promoted Peter Davison’s Fifth Doctor and a notoriously ridiculous pantomime horse dinosaur called The Myrka.

They are the marine cousins of the more famous Silurians, a race of humanoid reptiles from before the dawn of man who has starred in both the classic and modern eras of Doctor.

After being confirmed for spring 2022, the Independent Skill page for episode director Haolu Wang discloses the next Doctor Who episode will be an Easter special.

The page narrates the episode, which is 60 minutes long, fulfilling Wang’s first television credit. The new director is a BAFTA China Scholars recipient who earned mentorship from Ex Machina director Alex Garland and has star film projects.

“Legend of the Sea Devils” will see the Doctor and her helpers, Yaz and Dan, arrive in 19th century China to discover a coastal village under threat from pirate queen Madame Ching, the reptile above the monster. It is blurred how much the theory of Easter will factor into the adventure, as Doctor Who seasonal specials aren’t always heavily connected to the holiday they arrive on. Last year’s The Halloween Apocalypse, for instance, included very few actual Halloween elements, and the setting makes current-day Easter imagery hard to view.

Legend of the Sea Devils will be the penultimate arrival of Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor before she hands over the TARDIS keys to her successor later this year.

Intentions are big for Doctor Who season 14 since Davies was responsible for the show’s 2005 revival and attended one of the most populous eras in the show’s history.

His comeback to Doctor Who says that he will be attending the estate during its hugely popular predicted sixtieth anniversary year, which should lead to a bunch of thrilling surprises.

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