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In the fifth and sixth episodes of ‘Bosch: Legacy,’ entitled ‘Plan B’ and ‘Chain of Authenticity,’ Bosch (Titus Welliver) and Chandler’s (Mimi Rogers) ‘s a long struggle to bring Carl Rogers to justice ends well, but the result the latter is not exactly what they had hoped for. Whitney Vance passed away, and Bosch was told to stop his investigation. However, once the murder investigator has become an independent investigator and receives new orders from their deceased client, they decide to continue searching for the heir. At the time, Maddie (Madison Lintz) was facing a challenging day at work. Here is what you need to know about the end of episode 6 of ‘Bosch: Legacy.’

Bosch: Legacy Episodes 5 and 6 Recap: Episode 5 begins where the fourth episode ends, with Bosch facing a security guard in a closed PVC factory. As usual, Bosch finds a way out of a difficult situation. He still has a business card issued to David Creighton, head of President Security. He pointed it out to a security guard who said his company had been hired to check security measures at the facility, which made one man afraid of his job. The guard then let Bosch go.

The next day, Bosch and Chandler came up with the next phase of their program. Chandler visits Simon Wakefield to intimidate him. However, Alex and Lev saw them together and decided to kill Wakefield. Chandler calls Wakefield’s home and finds her dead. He gives Mo (Stephen Chang) his phone to see if there is any important information there. Mo receives photos of a rectangular box design plan sent by Wakefield to Rogers. The boxes later turned into transport containers.

Bosch goes to see a man in Vietnam with Dominick and finds out that the woman in the picture is a journalist. However, the man does not remember his name. As the episode ends, Bosch and Mo blow up a tunnel under the TVC industry, closing Rogers’ most lucrative source of income for good. This forces Rogers to agree with Chandler and the government.

In episode 6, as Rogers travels underground, Alex and Lev’s father arrive in Los Angeles to help his sons find the man. Paulina, Maddie’s teammate, is shot dead on the job. Bosch heard the news that a female police officer had been shot. Fearing Maddie, she calls her daughter. The department allows Maddie to visit Paulina’s home and tell her family what happened. At first, he hesitates, asking for Bosch’s advice. His father tells him that he will find the right words. And that is what happened. He reassures Paulina’s shocked mother that his daughter is alive and takes her to the hospital.

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