Image Credit: Rec Room Inc.

Rec Room now has over 3,000,000 monthly active users in Virtual Reality.

Shawn Whiting revealed that stat and confirmed that most of those users are on Meta Quest 2 headsets. That is a leap of 2,000,000 users in a little over a year; the company confirmed it had surpassed a million monthly active users in Virtual Reality in January 2021.

In February 2022, Meta confirmed that its Horizon Worlds and Venues apps had hit a combined all monthly users. However, the Worlds app is currently only available in Canada ad North America and only on Rift headsets and Quest 2. In March, Meta even released a video of Horizon Worlds recreating paintballing, an activity already popular.

“We’re very happy with the VR growth but at this point VR is a pretty low percentage of our monthly players,” Whiting said in a prepared statement. “Rec Room is seeing much more growth on iOS, Android, PlayStation, and Xbox due to there being billions of those devices out there collectively.”

In 2016, Rec Room began as a Virtual Reality-optional app and quickly established itself as one of the most significant social experiences for headsets. In 2019, flatscreen versions were available alongside Virtual Reality support on Personal Computer and Play Station 4, but the company began rolling out to non-Virtual Reality platforms like Xbox and iPhone. Fans are still hoping for a Switch release, though nothing’s been confirmed.

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