Qualcomm's Snapdragon 780g
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As we all know that over the last few years the company of Qualcomm have given the 7 series chip to multiple valuable phones and is proved to be the best processor in functioning after the iOS functioning and moreover the users will not be able to have the phones like the Pixel 4a and the OnePlus Nord version if there was no processor of the Snapdragon 730G and 765G respectively. Now there will be a new version under the name of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 780g.

But on one side after their goodness, the chips were not without their flaws in the market. As the issues arise like they tend to buckle the tasks and sometimes are out of the hands of Google to control it and along with this the camera experience is also not best for the same chips.

Now start with the new set it comes first with the CPU and GPU components. This time there is also a 5nm processor that the user gets for the first time use and with this, the company also claims that the 780G’s Kyro 670 CPU will run 40 percent more than the processor of its predecessors which will be around 786 G in the market. the highest speed of the 7-chips processor.

With all this, the company has also added a low-power AI accelerator in the 780G that will be reducing the battery power of the phone calls and will be there when the user will be filtering out or there will be the phone calls so that the user can hear the voice of the person clearly who is on the phone and there is no break in the voice,

And the chip like the other modern chips comes up with the support of the 5G, but when the thing is coming to the part of connectivity then the company claims that there will be FastConnect 6900 technology, which the company is making at 780G’s WiFi 6E modem which will be capable of theoretical speeds of up to 3.6Gbps.

Along with this the processor also supports Bluetooth 5.2 and also supports Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Sound suite for support of about 24-bit 96KHz music streaming.

And last, when the thing comes to the images, the company claims that the new processor will be focusing on taking of the low light images. The processor is also capable of capturing the HDR10+ video and here comes the headline feature of the processor that it can take up to three 25MP images simultaneously and in simple words, it means that now a user can take a photo from 3 cameras just in one shot. But in the end, the option of it lies in the hands of the manufacturer that whether to launch this feature or not.

So, in last is that the users have not to wait for the new processor Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 780g as it will be there in the mobile phones after the quarter of 2021.

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