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The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are generally known for the PDA-free and the respectable distance they maintain in public and professional settings. Still, the Couple seems to have an affectionate gesture for each other behind the cameras and closed doors. After ten years of marriage, they still have the newly wed’s marital bliss.

On New Year’s Eve, the Couple shared a never before seen romantic photo of themselves behind the closed doors of their private car captioned “Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!”

The picture was taken in September last year at the UK premiere of “No Time to Die” Kate and William were captured holding hands in the back of their car.

Although it doesn’t take a body language expert to differentiate the comfort levels for the Couple off camera and on camera, The Sun called Judy James, a body language expert. She gave every detailed insight about Duke and Duchess’s relationship.

Here are some highlights

Judy concluded from the throwback PDA image, “Why is it sexy? Because it looks so much like an echo of the poses we used to glimpse of the Couple during their dating years when they would often be seen flirting and getting Tactile together in the back of limos after rolling out of parties. Since their wedding, their body language together has been discreet, But the choice of Composition suggests they are still very much the same fun, flirty duo that they were back then.”

The body language expert interpreted emphatic power balance and like-minded thinking of the Couple sharing matching symmetric smiles. Further adding a comment about Kate’s relationship with her husband, “The hand clasp is an important signal as it also speaks of the enduring strength of their relationship together. Kate is making what looks like a very Firm statement here, by not just holding her husband’s hand but placing her other hand over the top of this in a gesture of affirmation and ownership that implies he is still very precious to her.”

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