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American women right activist, Gloria Allred, questioned the recent comment made by Prince Andrew. Prince Andrew recently said that he would assist the probes for convicted sex offenders if it is necessary. 

Gloria Allred advised him to contact the United States authorities as soon as possible and without any condition. Recently, Prince Andrew stepped down from public duties. There several speculations about the stepping down of Price from his position. But, Price confirmed that the resignation was the result of the ongoing controversy over Prince’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. 

Jeffrey Epstein was accused as a sex offender and was waiting for his trial, which was about to begin in next year. But, Jeffrey Epstein hanged himself in the cell before the hearing. He would have got a sentence of 25 years if found guilty. 

Prince Andrew admitted that his association with Jeffrey Epstein caused a significant disruption in the Royal Family of the UK. He further assured that he would be available to help the law enforcing agencies if required. 

Gloria Allred’s Perspective 

Gloria Allred revealed that she is glad about the development, but emphasized the lack of clarity in the statement. She questioned the term used by Prince “if required.” It is not clear that if Prince will attend before the law enforcing agency after legal notification or voluntarily, she added. 

She further revealed that the victims of Jeffrey Epstein, the clients of Gloria Allred, also spoke to the law enforcing agency without getting legal protocols. Ms. Gloria Allred previously represented several female accusers against celebrities, such as film producer Harvey Weinstein, singer R Kelly, the President of the United States Donald Trump, and comedian Bill Cosby. 

Prince Andrew is not accused in kind of criminal activities, but Jane Doe, who accused Epstein of sexual harassment, claimed that Price could provide more information about that incident. 

Prince Andrew is the younger son of the queen and said to be her favorite. 

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