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Strengthening your buttocks, luckily, is a simple process if done correctly. Because the gluteus maximus is such a vast, fundamental muscle, there are a variety of workouts that naturally target the glutes. However, to effectively target them, you’ll need glute activation exercises that don’t rely too much on your quadriceps or hamstrings. We’ll go over fundamental glute anatomy, the most excellent glute workouts, and a few crucial pieces of equipment for whipping your butt into shape.

Your glutes are divided into three regions because they are widely regarded as one of the most important muscle groups in the body. The gluteus maximus is the most significant glute muscle, contributing to the contour of your behind and being essential to lower-body motions. The gluteus medius and gluteus minimus, as the names imply, are medium- and small-sized glute muscles that help rotate your legs and stabilize your pelvis.

Hip Thrust with a Barbell

The barbell hip thrust is an excellent glute workout that requires numerous pieces of equipment. Therefore it’s best done at a gym with a weight bench, barbell, and plates. It’s one of the few glute activation exercises where you can genuinely crank up the weight without getting hurt; squats and deadlifts will work your glutes but also rely on other muscle groups. Like the bench press on chest day, the barbell hip thrust can serve as the foundation of any glute-focused workout day, or you can add this into your regularly scheduled leg workout. If the weight hurts your thighs, wrap a towel around them or use a barbell cushion to relieve the tension.

Glute Bridge Exercise

The bridge is a great glute workout that works wonders for your buttocks despite its short and basic form. It’s a more basic variant of the barbell hip thrust, one that can be performed with less weight and less equipment yet producing similarly powerful benefits. The most basic version of this glute bridge exercise takes no equipment, but you can modify it by resting your feet on an exercise ball or converting it into a dumbbell glute exercise with increased weight.

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