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Power Rangers is a famous American entertainment and merchandising franchise built around a live-action superhero television series. It is based and inspired by a Japanese superhero team metaseries and media franchise.

Power Rangers have always been a beloved fictional series enjoyed by children across the globe. The journey began on August 28, 1993, with “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” and has released twenty-seven new storylines. Various distinct versions of the team have appeared on television. From Samurais to Space Police Officers, the franchise has been a hit, fans appreciating every second.

Since its beginning in 1993, the show has released 29 seasons featuring multiple teams of enhanced humans who fight for the well-being of our planet. The show recently ended its 29th season on March 3, 2022.

According to various reports, the franchise is bringing back the first team of rangers, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, for its 30th Anniversary. The unit comes among one of the most beloved teams as it was the beginning of a beautiful franchise. David Yost (the Blue Original Ranger and the Blue Ninja Ranger) will be returning for “at least one episode.”

These new projects will be heading to Netflix upon their release, and if Yost is indeed coming back to the series, at least in some small capacity, it potentially opens the floodgates for many more.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers made its debut on August 28, 1993, on the Fox Kids programming block. It introduced us to five rangers, including Jason Lee Scott, The first Red Ranger and the team’s first leader. Trini Kwan; the first yellow ranger. Zack Taylor; the first Black Ranger and the team’s first second-in-command. Kimberly Hart; The first Pink Ranger and the first Pink Ninja Ranger. Billy Cranston; was the first blue ranger.

Even thinking about seeing this team for another round is enough to hype the fans into watching the thirtieth season.

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