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There is no doubt that PlayStation 4 looks inaccessible. The device, with its surprising black-coloured look, feels just amazing. The disk ejects switch, the disk drive, and power on/off buttons are nearly invisible. Some experts suggest that the new PlayStation 4 looks like a headquarter of a top-secret government agency. The shiny PlayStation 4 is a product that chops from the inhabitants. 

Will It Affect the Environment? 

The crisis related to the climate is now growing at a faster rate. On the other side, environmental concerns are currently affecting the global video game sector. Sony, just a few days back, signed an agreement for Plying for the Planet initiative by the United States. Besides, its ‘Road to Zero’ initiative is aiming to come up with zero environmental footprints by the end of 2050. Moreover, there are some other goals also. It includes natural resource conservation, curbs change of the climate, promotes biodiversity across the glove, and more. 

What is there in PlayStation 4? 

The external part of the device is highly processed. That suggests that it consist of a high level of carbon. However, the component is recyclable. Coming to the cardboard, it is less protective and not highly processed. All these materials are recyclable. But the thing is that they need to be processed in the right way. 

The logo is made of ABS. With this, the company takes a step towards reducing the use of virgin plastic by around 10% by the end of 2020. 

Well, the overall analysis of the PlayStation 4 suggests that it is not unique. But when it comes to the level of carbon footprints, experts say just a single word, i.e., huge. Even though it is not affecting at a considerable scale, in the long run, it can cause some issues. May be very soon, Sony will find a perfect solution to limit the carbon emission by controlling the carbon-hungry technology. 


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