Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard
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On Wednesday, a Navy Sailor killed two employees of the Defense Department at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. The incident also left one more employee severely injured. However, the Navy identified the person, and his name is Gabriel Antonio Romero. The department confirmed this recently. 

The Victim

The official identified the victims on Friday. The name of two employees who lost their lives – Roldan Agustin, shop planner and Vincent Kapoi Jr, metal inspector trainee of Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. The authority has not revealed the name of the third person who sustained severe injuries during the open fire. 

Talking About Romero

Romero was tasked as a watchstander at the Naval Shipyard. While working, he took off his service weapon and fired at three employees working on the dock near Honolulu. The incident happened on Wednesday at around 2:15 PM, informed a special agent Norm Dominesey. 

However, the gunman died due to the self-inflicted wound caused during the gunshot. The entire event witnessed by the thousands of employees working in the shipyard. The whole incident ended within just 23 seconds when the shooter fired himself after killing the two. 

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About The Investigation

The authorities are now investing the matter and trying to identify the real reason behind the Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard shooting. However, they said there is no link to this incident with domestic terrorism. Any ideology does not motivate the shooter. 

One of the victims, Kapoi (30), identified by his wife Tara on Thursday. As per a Facebook post, the duo married in 2019. He belonged to a family that is shipyard workers. In 2011, he completed his graduation. As per his LinkedIn account, he sold life insurance policies and ran a personal finance firm. 

Another victim, Augustin (49), served the US during his early career life. When he took retirement, he used to work with the Army National Guard. After that, he worked as a shop planner. 

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