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The world-famous icon Michael Jackson’s only daughter Paris Jackson said she would be open to collaborating with her aunt Janet Jackson.

Previously, in an interview with Access daily, the 23-year-old singer, Paris Jackson spoke about her upcoming film “Sex Appeal” which is scheduled to be released on 14th January 2022, directed by Talia Osteen. The cast includes Mika Abdalla, Fortune Feimster, Danica McCollum, and Margaret Cho.
While having the conversation, Paris also talked about her brothers, Bigi,23, who is also known as Prince Micheal Jackson ii, and Prince Jackson Jr. 24, who is also known as Prince.

While expressing her love towards his brother Prince she said “I think my brother is probably the nicest person I’ve ever met,”
She further said “Absolutely Adore him, I adore all my brothers. My best friends.”

Later, the host asked about considering her collaboration with her aunt Janet Jackson.
She replied “Um, we haven’t talked about it, but I’m not opposed to it,” Paris said.
“I love collaborating with all kinds of artists. The genre really doesn’t turn me off, doesn’t matter what genre it is. I can’t say that I see myself doing trap music anytime in the near future, but I’m open to everything.” She added.

Paris, who is also a singer and musician released her debut solo album “Wilted”, in 2020.
In the same year, during an episode of “Red table talk”, she opened up about her mental health issues and traumas with her musician friend Willow Smith.

“A lot of people do feel regret when they try and attempt suicide,” she said. “There have been times where I did and times where I didn’t, where I was upset that it didn’t work. and attempt suicide,”
“But I can say, several years later, that I’m grateful that it didn’t. Things have gotten better,” she continued.

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