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The ‘Outer Range’ continues to expand on the fringes of the black space as it adds to the problems of the Abbott family with their fifth and sixth episodes. In episode 5, titled ‘The Soil,’ after recovering from Wayne’s attack, Royal tries to reveal the true nature of the stone inside the Autumn necklace. On the other hand, Wayne suffers from a stroke, which leaves Tillerson’s business stagnant.

The sixth episode, entitled ‘Family,’ sees the Abbottis defeated under pressure to keep secrets. Finally, Autumn meets a fantastic partner as things start to go awry for Abbott. If you wish to learn more about episode events and the finale, everything you need to know about episodes 5 and 6

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Episode 5 begins with Wayne Tillerson returning home and suffering a stroke that left him paralyzed. Meanwhile, Royal travels to Wyoming’s Rare Earth Department to learn more about the gemstone he won in Autumn. Cecilia hears about Wayne’s beating and finds Autumn wandering around her house. Autumn wants her necklace, but Cecilia asks her to go. Royal meets Drs and Nila Bantu and learns more about stone. However, after seeing a picture of Nila and the mysterious organization BY9, he refuses to leave a stone in his care to remember. Later, Royal discovers that BY9 is a mining company.

Cecilia will meet Patricia but is shocked by her son’s role in Trevor’s death. Upon returning home, he finds a bear lying dead in its yard. At Tillerson Ranch, Luke and Patricia are trying to figure out how to keep their business afloat after being hit by Wayne. Since Wayne did not relinquish power of attorney, their hands were bound until Wayne’s will was issued. Eventually, Royal breaks the stone and reaches the ground inside, allowing him to view the future briefly. Royal sees that he is dead and is surrounded by Cecilia and Autumn in the vision.

Episode 6, entitled ‘Family,’ opens with the royal convention Autumn by the void. He promises to take her home but keeps passing through her camp. Royal set fire to the Autumn camp and warned him to stay away from his family. The two argue over the stone, but Royal asks Autumn to leave his property. Later, Autumn meets a bear in the woods begging him to show the space to a mysterious person. At Tillerson Ranch, Luke and Patrick learn about Wayne’s will. The lawyer reveals that Wayne plans to leave everything to Billy.

At that moment, Autumn directs Billy to a dark space. Cecilia has difficulty dealing with the secrecy of royal secrets and decides to separate. After discovering that his camp has been set on fire, Autumn calls his benefactor and demands money. He carries an Abbott Ranch sign on his chest with a knife. Later, he talks to Perry about Royal’s actions. Eventually, the Abbott family has an argument at the dinner table, which shocks Amy, and she runs away from home.

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