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Out of four, two teens have been found after escaping from Nashville detention center

Image Credit: Fox News

In the recent news, a police state in a statement that two teenagers out of four are now in the detention centre. 

The teens who are caught by police for breaking out of Nashville Juvenile centre are back here. The two teens are Wright and Calvin. The Juvenile Crime Task Force then takes them in custody from Madison, Tennessee. A Tweet confirmed it from the Metro Nashville Police Department. 

Not only these, when they are asked about the other two teens, but they also said that police are searching. 

When has the arrest taken place?

Well, soon, the videos of teens running out of detention centre released, police swung to action — the arrest of these two teens taken place after some hours only of the release of videos. In the video, you can see that they are running through empty hallways of the facility. Then they escape via the front door. 

On Tuesday, Davidson County Juvenile Court released the video. The four teens seem to run away from the detention centres. Among the four, three teens are wearing bright yellow colour vests. 

How they escape?

All this chaos happens on Saturday. The night was going normal, and it was their bedtime. A supervisor who is there left them too alone to clean an area inside the facility. He then went to other floors to understand the disturbance there.  

After the officer left the area, the teens enter an elevator. The door was wide open by the staff member, and then they convince a staff member. Then they call the Master Control and request them to take the elevator to the basement. 

After all these, they run to the main level of the facility and then continue to the empty hallways. Soon they are out of detention centre. 



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