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If you have seen the movie called Matrix, you will have a better understanding of the simulation theory. Simulation Theory suggests that the entire universe is nothing but a computer simulation, created artificially. In a recent development, a couple of scientists from the Immanuel Kant Baltic Federal University develop an entirely new theory about the existence of the universe. The new theory suggests that human beings are living in a computer simulation. They also spoke about the presence of the multiverse.

According to the theory proposed by the two young scientists, the whole universe comes under an extensive quantum system. The proposed quantum system contains many universes, just like ours. 

When we talk about the quantum system, people often think about the supercomputer that functions with subatomic particles. They usually conduct quantum applications. Valerian Yurov and Artyam Yurov are the two who proposed the theory. According to them, the whole universe can be termed as a quantum object, which lies in the quantum simulation. They further added that human beings do not require to look for sub-atomic particles to know more about quantum reality, as we are experiencing quantum in each moment, and everything around us is nothing but quantum. 

Theory of Multiverse

In the paper, both scientists tried to explain their claim by taking the help of mathematical equations. In one of the examples, they wrote that our universe carries all properties, that a subatomic particle carries. They gave the example of superposition that both quantum particle and the universe, as a whole, obeys. 

The researchers also put some light on the multiverse theory. If you consider that the universe is nothing but a quantum particle in someone’s simulation, it required to exhibit the property of quantum. Every quantum interacts; therefore, the universe must interacting with something. The something which the universe interacts is nothing but a multiverse, the two authors added. 

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