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Sensors give essential information about the seismic activities and other process going under the floor. But, the installation of sensors is far from easy. The level of the difficulties significantly increases when a sensor required to install on the ocean floor. The cost of such installation and the instruments are considerably higher in comparison to the land-based installation. As a result, most of the seafloors are unmarked until now. 

Recently, geoscientist Nate Lindsey experimented by using optical fiber, which went successful. Nate created multiple lasers and fired it through a subsea optical fiber to record vibration under the seafloor. He experimented during the maintenance period of these optical fibers. Most of the optical fiber networks built by telecommunication giants, but they rarely use it. The experiment received a considerable success when Nate Lindsey and his team found the existence of an unknown fault within five km from the coastline. The analysis said to be found about multiple dynamic processes going under the sea level. 

The development is not the first instance when an optical cable used to sense the under-surface vibration. Previously, several firms measured land-based vibrations using the cable. But, the recent finding marks the first instance for the measurement of the under-water vibrations. 

Philippe Jousset, a German geoscientist, acknowledge the recent success of Nate Lindsey and his team. Philippe Jousset was the first scientist who used optical fiber to recognize earthquakes and volcanic activities on the land surface. 

Future Scope

The recent development will reduce the cost of installation in the future. One Under Water Seismometer usually costs around 1,00,000 USD and only limited to a particular place. But, Nate claims that a 12-mile optical fiber on the seafloor could potentially perform the activity of 10,000 conventional underwater seismometers. As a result, optical fibers are going to replace undersea seismometers in the coming future. 

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