OnePlus Smart Watch
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According to the sources of the galaxy reporters, one thing is confirmed that the OnePlus SmartWatch will be more of a fitness watch than a smartwatch. There is no need for the users to expect the OnePlus watch to be a powerful device when the thing will come to the launch in the next week. Along with this, there is no need for the audience to go to the launch event of the watch it is only beneficial if the user is interested in a launch of a fitness watch because the new smartwatch maybe just a souped-up fitness tracker.

Like the regular updates and tweets, Ishan Aggarwal who is one of the most famous OnePlus leakers in the market has again made a tweet a few days ago in which he displays and mentions all the details related to the OnePlus smartwatch that is going to be released in this launch event. And form the information that he gives is the information that the users were not expecting and if the users can wait for the launch of the Apple Watch 6, then I might suggest you go for the option of that then for the OnePlus.

And the watch could prove to be budget-oriented as it is of less cost than the other competitors’ watch. The key feature that a user must note and according to Ishan Aggarwal is that the OnePlus watch doesn’t run Google’s Wear OS. And in reality, the watch despite the control of the OnePlus TV is the same like the other fitness watches and the user can buy one of those if the user is not budget oriented in the market.

And now the user may ask that what is more of the features in the Apple Watch is that the watch includes all the commands related to the calls and more of warp charges but on the other hand a user could get some of that on an Apple Watch and more of it with all this.

And now when we talk about the plus point is that the charge of the watch is up to a week and maybe 2 weeks and to recharge the same it takes up to only 20 minutes which is quite impressive as the watch of the other companies is out of charge within 1-2 days and there is a need to charge them after every single day or 2.

Another plus point that the users will like is that OnePlus has promised that the watch will be available at an affordable price when the watch will be launched with the OnePlus 9 series in the market so in simple words the watch will give money run to the Apple Watch 3 or Apple Watch SE.

And last, the details about the new OnePlus SmartWatch will be there at the launch event.

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