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As we all know that this time in the market, OnePlus9 and 9pro are the best phones on the basis of performance, battery, cameras, and everything but there is always something or the other that is left behind or the new generation needs to have in the new phone. So here is the list of some of the changes that should be there in the OnePlus 10 model of the company.

With this, we all know that the OnePlus 9 and the 9 pro version have come up in the market with the new-phone aroma and according to the reports of the sources it is confirmed that the newly functioning phone will not come in the market until April 2. And the same thing will not stop the users from getting the details of the new OnePlus 10.

The thing may seem the users that we are jumping directly to the new model without any rumors in the market but in today’s world, we all know that we win only when we are ahead of the new model that is not being talked about in the company yet. According to the rule book of the OnePlus is that they don’t rely more on the laurels that they take out and is rolling out a new flagship phone every six months and with the launch of the onePlus 9 series in the month of March it is expected that the company might launch the OnePlus 10 in the month of September or October.

The model would like to be the OnePlus T model in the market that will give the series a repetition to the previous model series and this time there will be the introduction of the new features to the spring season phone in the market.

As we all have seen the changes in the OnePlus 9 and 9 pro version and now the user will get the big changes to the new OnePlus 10 as it will be launched after a year only.

Now let’s know that what exactly the OnePlus 9 got right in the market.

After reviewing both the phones, the team of galaxy reporters have found out that in today’s time OnePlus 9 pro is the best Android phone that a user could buy, and on that alternative, the OnePlus 9 is the second-best phone with the price alternatives in the market. As the onePlus 9 costs less than the pro version and if the user is price conscious then we would suggest the user go for the OnePlus 9 model instead of the pro version but the user then will get lack in some of the features that the user provide.

Now on the features, both the mobile phones have a fast refreshing rate and with that, both of them have come up with the chips of Snapdragon 888in the market. Now the charger is the best of both the phones they provide a 65w wrap charge to the devices and within an hour the phone gets fully charged so if the user is expecting the changes in the one plus 10 may be that the user gets an advantage to get it fully charged within half an hour.

And this time the cameras of the mobile phone are also competitive in the market as earlier the camera of the OnePlus models was not good in the market but this time the company focused on the same in order to compete with that.

Now here is the list of the changes that the users are expecting in the new OnePlus 10 Model

1. Most obvious is the support of the 5G in the device.

2. next comes the official rating for the water resistance.

3. No More gimmicky camera lenses

4. Keep improving the cameras of the new models

5. The less prominent camera bump in the 10 series of OnePlus.

6. And at last the company should hold the pricing.

That’s was all the article about the changes in the market that the users are expecting in the OnePlus 10 model.

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