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One PLus 8T: Back Panel And The Breathing Screen

One PLus 8T: Back Panel And The Breathing Screen launched by one plus on the new year.

The One Plus Company sowed it’s the first concept in the last year with the Pop-Up selfie camera in the one plus seven hiding the camera when not in use. The concept was made in partnership with the Mc Laren Including an electrochromic glass in the back. The company continued its experiments with the electrochromic glass and the result of it is the new one plus 8T Mobile Phone.

The official press release says that the “OnePlus team is building further on our first concept technology to unlock even more potential benefit for future smartphone users,” With the new technology the company has launched the electrochromic glass in the entire back panel.

One Plus 8T: Electrochromic Back Panel

The panel covers the entire back panel of the Mobile Phone and the back is backed up by the color-changing film which is made up of metal oxide and the valence of the variations based on the voltage. The color-changing film means that the color will change from dark blue to light silver on the basis of the environment. The concept is called ECMF(Electronic Color, Material & Finish), and moreover, the logo of the one plus also utilizes the same.

Now the question arises that in the minds of the people that why the company chose to launch the color-changing film into the Electrochromic glass at the back?

Well, the answer for this is that the company focuses on the amalgamation of its products in art and technology and the color-shifting back panel is the result of its experiments. And the concept is inspired by the line “the multi-hued flowing water in the hot springs of Pamukkale, Turkey.”

Now Here Comes The New Concept of The Oneplus Concept: mmWave Sensing Touch

The next question that could arise in the minds of the audience is what is the use of the electrochromic glass at the back? The concept of the mobile phone of the color-changing back would look fancy if not then the mm-based reactive sensing technology also raises the concept of the mobile phone.

The rectangular camera includes an mm radar wave module that helps the back to change the color as it transmits the signals from the environment and then the color changes on the basis of the environment.

The company has combined the color-shifting back panel with the Sensing Touch in the 8t Mobile Phones. Now the mobile provides touchless notifications and the light at the back also blinks when the call is therefore when the message is received.

Next Comes The Breathing Monitor On The Front:-

The next use of the mobile phone is very simple as the mobile is able to record the breathing of a person and the person just has to stand at the back of the mobile phone and the recording of the breathing will be shown on the screen as the mmWave module
catches the heartbeat and shows the recording.

The last question that may arise in the minds of the customers that whether the new concept of the 8T is innovative or Contrivance?

The first concept of the one plus Concept was made up by the team Gaudi’ of the one plus company which includes a team of 39 designers and these designers only this time have launched the new concept of the one plus 8t concept the more flashy and stylish.

As the company focused on the body of the mobile phone and not on the software of the mobile so you can’t expect the change in the sales chart of the one plus after the launch of the one plus 8T in the market.

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