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New species of Maize contains 250% more protein

Protein is an essential vitamin for our body. People consume egg, chicken, and other non-veg foods to meet the lack of protein. But today, we are going to tell you about maize, the new source of protein. Protein, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants are all found in abundance in maize. All these elements are essential for our body. But recently, a new species of maize has been discovered. It contains 250% more protein than normal maize.

This new species has been named Malviya Swarna Maize-Van. The amino acids lysine and tryptophan are found in abundance in this new type of maize. Both of these are a type of protein, by eating which the deficiency of Shun is fulfilled. This accelerates the process of increasing blood and calcium in your body. Eating a diet rich in lysine helps your body control diabetes. Along with this, immunity is also strengthened by eating this.

Along with this, it also helps in the absorption of calcium by the intestines. In our today’s information, a new species of corn has been told, in which 250% more protein is found than regular corn. How do you like the information related to today’s health topic? You can tell us by commenting. Thank you all for knowing today’s health information. Save our website to get more such information. What are the other ways to boost immunity? You can also tell us in the comment section.



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