Nintendo Switch
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The reports suggest that Nintendo is planning of launching the new upgraded switch for the new Nintendo. It is expected that the new switch will be launched in September or October of this year. However, the release date till now is not confirmed.

Some of the rumours suggest that the new upgraded version of the switch will cost more than the earlier one which ranges around $299. The official announcement for the launch of the switch is expected to be before E3. The company states that “allow publishers to showcase their full range of Switch games at the global event.”

The new Nintendo switch model is expected to come under the name Switch pro and will go on sale with the lite version that cost around $199. Basically, the new pro model will replace the standard version of the Nintendo Switch. The leaks suggest that the new Nintendo switch pro will feature a 7-inch Samsung Display Co. With this, it also features an OLED display and faster Nvidia Corp. graphics silicon. So, this will allow the user to have a 4k display when docked to a TV.

This time it is expected that the price for the same will be high. As the price high will be there because of the increase in the raw material and labour cost in China. Also, the workers are thinking that this time they will get higher salaries for the manufacturing of the new Switch.

Also despite the shortage of the semiconductors chip that labours have confidence that they can fulfil the order for the new Nitendo switch in the market. As the new Nintendo Switch will be using the semiconductor chip in a different way than that of PS5 and Xbox Series X/S. This type of change was expected as Nitendo itself warned that it can’t meet the demand for the switches and that it can’t make the new Switch consoles.

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