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An old-fashioned courtroom miniseries with a modernized backdrop of sexual politics, the “Anatomy of a Scandal” is a crisply told, binge-able mystery that doesn’t seem to have overstayed its welcome. Adapted from a written novel, the material certainly doesn’t seem to have broken any ground but proves to be watchable enough for its various spiraled twists; some said to be admittedly more strained than others.

While it’s shown to be the famous man on trial, the six-episode project is defined by two women, one, The lawyer prosecuting the case, and two, the wife who wants to stand by her husband at all times but is given reasons to doubt him.

Infused with a very British flavor despite the involvement of writer and producers David E. Kelley and Melissa James Gibson, the Netflix project seems to have focused on the Parliament minister “James Whitehouse,” whose political and personal status are threatened when he gets charged with the rape of an aide, the scenario becomes complicated by the fact that the two characters had been having an affair since long.

Netflix and its rivals seem to have been churning out many similarly themed fares, both in dramatic and docuseries formats. Yet all told that “Anatomy of a Scandal” seems to have overcome its flaws well enough to lay the groundwork for what is intended to become more of an ongoing franchise of a more tightly constructed and self-contained thrillers.

“Anatomy of a Scandal” has already been premiered on the 15th of April on Netflix.

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