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Stephanie Land worked as a maid walking the tightrope of poverty and homelessness for years, chasing the American dream. Then, she wrote the memoir “Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother’s Will to Survive.”

Released in 2019, Land’s biography has since been adapted into the critically-acclaimed, unflinching Netflix miniseries “Maid,” starring actor Margaret Qualley. Although the title of both the book and series, each has proven to be about much more than a female protagonist tasked with cleaning the homes of the affluent.

He wanted the book to be more about domestic violence and, and kind of the separation from family and then making it to college said in an exclusive interview with TODAY.

The autobiography journals Land in her 20’s and 30’s as a financially-strained single mom, a survivor of trained abuse, and a traveler, taking different jobs such as cleaning bathrooms at the residences of friends and working in landscapes. She explained that she did it all to furnish her child, who now runs by their middle name “Story,” and utilizes they/them pronouns.

While reporting her time as a maid, Land wrote about the several characteristics in the residences she dried. She named most of the homes after their abnormal names like “Porn House,” “Sad House,” “Farm House,” and the “Cigarette Lady’s House.”

She said that throughout the years, naming homes for their obscurities became her only creative outlet.

Land explained that she worked as a maid to put dinner on the table and give some kind of structure for her child who went to daycare during the hours she cleaned.

She thinks a lot of her decision was making their life as best as possible, she said. Kids kind of keep you structured in some way because they need structure.

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