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It’s hard to think it’s been three years since the last season of Stranger Things aired on Netflix. Between season 3 in July 2019, Netflix has released new seasons of numerous shows, while Stranger Things fans have remained on the sidelines, biding their time with the few breadcrumbs Netflix has offered.

After a grueling absence, we finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel as 2021 concluded. On Stranger Things Day 2021, Netflix sent fans a slew of updates, including announcing that season 4 would (finally) be released in Summer 2022.

Unfortunately, Netflix has been tight-lipped since Stranger Things Day, with few details shared since.

Followers’ excitement for the season’s official trailer and release date continues to grow, with fans checking social media every day for updates on the forthcoming season. While Netflix has yet to release any new information, a recent Twitter debate between the official Netflix and Stranger Things accounts has fans concerned that the blockbuster series may be coming to an end.

Stranger Things may be ending, according to Netflix tweets.

On February 16, 2022, the Netflix Twitter account posted one of its notorious billboard visuals with the slogan “Every ending has a beginning.” Surprisingly, the phrase on the graphic appeared upside down, leading others to think that it was a reference to Stranger Things.

While it appeared to be a coincidence at first, the official Stranger Things Twitter account responded a short time later with an upsidedown happy face. It was a simple tweet, but it rapidly appeared to corroborate fan conjecture that the message was related to Stranger Things.

Many fans believe the graphic’s warning that “Every ending has a beginning” foreshadows the finale of Stranger Things… and we must accept that the trade appears to be a reason for alarm.

The real issue is, is season 4 the beginning of the end, or will it be the final season of the hit show?


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